I see not only people taking the time to sit down formally to coach others; I see people helping people grow. We're all growing. We're becoming more professional and I feel like I am becoming a better person as a result of growing my business. The coaching and education I receive at Keller Williams makes me want to be better all the time.

— Mary Maxted


When I came to KW, I immediately felt like it was more about me. Not just the brokerage. It's about my agent, my business, my life. I do not work for KW. I apply the KW model to the business that I operate and I hang my licence there and I'm proud to do so! I am running my group out of KW and KW supports me in that. And that's another feature benefit that I don't think people understand. It is about me, and KW lets me be about me all the time.

— Ryan Sullivan


I feel like when I surround myself with other agents with the same mindset, it helps drive me to my full potential. At the other brokerage firms I was at, it didn't feel like there was a lot of positive energy going on. Everyone was keeping trade secrets to themselves and didn't want other agents to be successful. At Keller Williams, I can bounce any idea off of any agent whether they are new or if they are a top producer.

— Allison Hawkins